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Based in Bristol


We cook with fire on our Turkish mangal grill, serving from our beautifully converted 1987 Mercedes ex-ambulance. Inspired by the many different cuisines of the Middle East.  Available for street-food markets, festivals and private hire. 


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Our food takes its main inspiration from the streets of Istanbul. Cooking over fire, using great ingredients and letting the fire enhance the flavour of foods is key to our cooking. Our menu combines seasonal British produce with Eastern spices, scents and flavours, whilst reflecting the changing seasons of the UK. The charcoal grill is key to our signature dish, the ‘shish’ kebab. Meats are marinated in home-made toasted spice blends and cooked on skewers over charcoal.

We pride ourselves on using high-quality ingredients, provided to us through our great local suppliers. Origin Butchers supply us with free-range, locally sourced and ethically reared meat. Our pittas come from Abunoor bakery in Bristol, freshly baked every day.


Street-food Menu

Dishes are served in freshly baked pittas, or as a meze box (Gluten Free). All dishes come with fresh herb salad, pickled cabbage, pomegranate and a pickled chilli.

Mercedes food truck in Bristol


Our van 'Nessie' is a 1987 Mercedes 508D ex-military Dutch ambulance. She is converted (a labour of love!) to an exceptionally high standard. Resprayed in a beautiful blue teal, with a copper bar running the length of the hatch. The centrepiece of the kitchen is the Turkish mangal charcoal grill, we're sure we are the only food van to have one!

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Founded by Ewan 'Murray' and Thecla 'May'. Murray May's brings our professional experience in the catering industry and personal love of food to create our unique 'rolling kitchen'. Working for a high-end catering company in Ibiza for three summers, introduced us to the logistics behind event catering and the Mediterranean influence of our menu. Working in Hokkaido, Japan introduced us to smokey yakitori bars, where we knew that cooking with fire would be a central element to any of our future business plans. Trips to Istanbul, with her spices, punchy flavours and huge variety of delicious dishes, are where we have really found our inspiration for Murray May's.


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5th: HERE Bristol, 12-2pm

7th: University of Bristol Open Day, Royal Fort Gardens

7th: Wedding

12th: Private lunch

13th: Finzels Reach Market, 12-2pm

19th: Temple Quay Market, 12-2pm

20-22nd: The Castle at Abergavenny Food Festival

26th: Temple Quay Market 12-2pm

27th: Finzels Reach Market, 12-2pm

28th: Wedding

29th: Tobacco Factory, 11-2.30pm


11th: Finzels Reach Market, 12-2pm

11th: St Nicks Night Market

13th: Wells Food Festival

17th: Temple Quay Market, 12-2pm

18th-20th: Dartmouth Food Festival

23rd: Harbourside Market, 12-2.30pm

24th: Temple Quay Market, 12-2pm

25th: Finzels Reach Market, 12-2pm

31st: HERE Bristol, Bath Road Studios 12-2pm